Bristol city is inarguably one of the safest places to work in the United Kingdom, and everyone loves to work in safe places including Bespoke Living, but this is just one of the several reasons Bespoke Living loves Bristol. The city, having the 8th largest population in the United Kingdom and is home to many professional outfits, Bespoke Living inclusive. Besides being a popular city, Bristol also has some of the trendiest areas that we love to explore. We have a shortlist of our top trendy areas in Bristol but before telling you about them, let’s tease you with a couple of amazing facts about the city.

  • There are over 90 languages spoken in Bristol city alone.
  • A large number of people living in Bristol practice over 45 religions and still coexist peacefully.
  • It is the largest city in South West England.
  • In a survey conducted by Premier Inn, Bristol was rated the most artistic city in the UK. This is evident in the amount of street art and creativity expressed by the residents. The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery also corroborate this fact.
  • The city is well known for its unique taste in music which is referred to as trip-hop and actually has its origin linked to Bristol.
  • Bristol is home to over 400 parks and recreational centers. The Bristol zoo is known to be the 5th oldest zoo in the world!
  • The city is home to many works of culture and architecture. These include The St Mary Redcliffe Church, the Cabot Tower and the statue of William III at Queen Square.
  • The Guardian ranked the city as one of the 10 happiest cities to work in the UK.

Amazing city, right? Now, these are Square Tiger’s top three trendy places in Bristol.

  • Stokes Croft: This was originally the name of the street in the area but over time, the name became generic for the area covered by the street. Stokes Croft is one of the most altruistic places in Bristol and you can see this in the street art that lines the place. In the heart you will find the Canteen welcoming everyone to enjoy affordable home-cooked food, free live music every night, space for local art and a place to meet, plot and play.
  • North Street: If you’re looking forward to eating non-stop, just find your way to the North Street. This place has a variety of some of the best restaurants in Bristol that runs from one end to another. Whether you’re a vegetarian, on a diet or a gourmet, North Street has got you covered. There’s also the Old Bookshop which is not particularly a bookshop but an amazing bar and kitchen.
  • Old Market:This is arguably one of the trendiest places in Bristol city. After years of neglect, the area evolved into becoming a home for professionals and artists. As a result of its ancient architectural works which are important national items, the city was designated as one of the Conservation Areas in the UK. If you doubt why this area should be our trendiest, visit the Old Market Assembly. That place is home to great music and food. Who doesn’t like great food?

With the numerous districts in the city of Bristol, putting up your house for rent as a landlord or looking for one to rent as a tenant may be tedious. This is why Bespoke Living works exclusively in Bristol to bring you the best tenants for your property. If you are new to the city and need help getting an apartment, just reach out to us and we would be glad to help.