Bristol’s New Licensing Scheme

As Bristol is one of the most populated regions in England and not everyone living there owns their own house. A large number of people rent homes or apartments and sometimes, finding a rental property in the area can be an issue. Some have high rental costs while others lack in quality. Many people opt for houses in multiple occupation or HMO.

The population of Bristol is over half a million people which is why house sharing is very common in the city.  Many people rent houses and apartments privately and it had been noted that the housing condition in these areas was very poor as compared to the urban side of the city. The cabinet wanted to change that which is why they introduced a new licensing scheme for privately rented properties in 12 different wards of Bristol. The authorities knew that people living in Central Bristol need this scheme.

What Will This Scheme Do For The Tenants

The main focus of introducing this scheme was to improve the living and housing standards for privately rented properties.  The 12 wards where the scheme is being introduced are known to have poor housing condition and this scheme aims to change that. This scheme might be new to these 12 wards in Bristol however it has been successfully implemented in other parts of the city. Past results have shown that introducing such a scheme can remarkably increase housing and living standards of people.

Implementation Of The Licensing Scheme

If you are someone who wants to rent out his/her property in these 12 wards of Bristol then you will now have to apply for HMO license. But don’t let that put you off, you will be signed a dedicated housing officer from the Bristol City Councils, Environmental Agency to help you along your journey. Officers will also come and visit your home to ensure you are making the right adjustments and highlighting anything you should be changing. After a final inspection you will be granted your license. As a landlord you want your tenants to feel comfortable while they stay in your property, so it is crucial to improve on things highlighted by the visiting officers. Implementation of this licensing scheme is a win-win situation for both the landlords and the tenants as, as landlord can improve their property to the industry standards and the tenants can enjoy a comfortable and healthy accommodation.

Public’s Response

As a great gesture, the council for the scheme invited feedback from people living on rent in HMOs or living near the HMOs.  Feedback was taken from landlords, tenants, and other general public. It was a great move by the council as it is crucial to take feedback from people that get affected by the proposal. At a first glance you might think that the scheme is more friendly towards the tenants but that is not the case. This scheme is actually beneficial for both the tenants and the homeowners. Feedback from both sides show a very welcoming and positive response. Tenants were happy because of the fact that this scheme was aimed at providing them with better standards of accommodation and home owners were happy for better guidance, and modern rules for the industry. Having a good property is going to attract more tenants, which is a great thing for landlords looking for new tenants. 

All privately owned HMOs in central Bristol will be required to apply for an HMO license from July 2019. The License would be valid till the year 2024.

Square Tiger’s Thoughts

Bespoke Living supports the new licensing scheme as these conditions are going to help improve the management standards and practices of HMOs and other privately rented properties. It is the right of every human being to live in a house that is appropriate and has high standards

Although the license is at quite a steep price circa of £1500, this is over 5 years works out at £40 PCM.

Let’s hope the scheme continues to improve the living for all, to make this lovely City an even better place to live.