How To Choose Your Next Rental

It is always exciting to rent your first flat or home, as it allows you to leave the nest and become independent. However, there are several things to keep in mind when searching for rentals in Bristol, and the search for your new place can become overwhelming. Luckily, the following guide can help you choose a flat or house to rent, complete with how to get started, what to look for and what questions to ask throughout the process.

Choosing A Trusted Letting Agent

It is important to choose a letting agent who is reliable and experienced in finding rentals in Bristol. Start by asking for recommendations from your family, friends or neighbours. Next, talk to your agent to see how much they know about the area.

You can also ask the following questions about their experience as an agent:

When did you become a letting agent?
Are you certified to be a letting agent?
How long have you been searching for rentals in the area?
How many properties are you currently renting?

Asking questions is a great way to determine if this is the right letting agent for you.

Checking Your Finances

You do not want to start looking for a rental until you have determined how much you can spend every month.

While the average cost of your monthly rent is 35 percent of your wages, you still need to consider your amenities, utilities, and council tax. There is also a chance you are going to need to put money down as a deposit, which is legally no more than five-weeks’ worth of rent. You also need to remember to add food, household items and outings to your monthly budget.

Finding the Right Location

Take the time to find the right location for your new home. For example, you may be looking for rentals in Bristol. Be sure to research the neighbourhoods, school districts, amenities, public transportation and distance from work.

It is also important to visit the area you are considering checking it out in person. This way, you can get a feel for the neighbourhood and locate various amenities. Remember, your letting agent should be knowledgeable of the area, so they can answer your questions.

Listing What Is Important

When you make a list of what is important, be sure to keep the non-negotiables in mind. Your non-negotiables may include your pets, kids, furniture, storage and parking, as well as the layout of your new home.

Viewing Properties

You also need to make a list of the rentals in Bristol you are planning to visit, and use each visit to ensure the property is safe. The landlord should be able to present a Gas & Electrical Safety Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate, and the property should also include smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, appliances with a PAT and high-quality furniture.

If you work with a trusted agent and keep the above tips in mind, you are going to find several rentals in Bristol before you know it.

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