Over my last few blogs you have learned what steps to take when moving into your rental, but do you know what to do at the end of your tenancy? There are certain steps you need to take when moving out of your rental. After all, you need to leave your rental clean and in good shape if you want to get your deposit back. Use the following guide to determine what to do at the end of your tenancy.

Give Notice of The End of Your Tenancy

It is important to check the terms of your agreement to find the best way to give notice of the end of your tenancy. If you have signed a fixed-term lease, then you need to check your AST to find the terms of breaking your tenancy early, and how to give notice of it. You may be on a periodic tenancy, in which case you need to give your landlord a one-month notice of the end of your tenancy.

Do A Deep Cleaning of Your Rental

If you do not clean your rental before moving out, there is a good chance you are not going to get your full deposit back. It is best to do a deep cleaning of the interior and exterior to ensure you are leaving your rental in the same condition as when you moved in. You also need to remove your personal items, replace burnt-out light bulbs and repair decorative damage.

Take Before and After Photos of Your Rental

Once you clean, repair any damage and remove your personal items, take several photos of every room in your rental. You want to include close-ups of the furniture, appliances and fixtures. You should have also snapped pictures when moving into your rental as well, including items that were stained or damaged before you moved in, as proof that you are not responsible for those damages. If possible, add a timestamp so you can use the photos as evidence if there are any deposit disputes.

Complete A Check-Out Inventory

The next step is to arrange a check-out inventory with your landlord. A check-out inventory makes it easier for your landlord to see how you kept the rental during your tenancy. If you moved any items that belong in the rental, you need to put them back in their original spot. When inspecting the items that are part of the rental, your landlord needs to consider the age, condition and quality, as well as the lifespan and expected usage of each item. For the rental in general, they need to keep the number and type of occupants, and the length of your tenancy, in mind.

Return Your Keys

It is essential to ensure the rental is locked and all copies of the keys are returned upon moving out. Label the keys with your name and rental address, and give them to your landlord or letting agent. It is best to return the keys in person, as you are responsible for the keys if you decide to mail them do not be afraid to ask for a receipt or written confirmation to prove you have returned the keys.

Get Your Deposit Back

The final step is getting back your deposit, which you can receive in full if there are not any damages to your rental. Your landlord or letting agent will discuss your deposit and possible repair costs after the check-out inventory. Be sure to check your tenancy agreement for details on your deposit.

If you keep the above steps in mind, you will receive your full deposit at the end of your tenancy, with no problems.