The Process

1. We find a property that meets our criteria and arrange a viewing.
2. We send our offer.
If you say YES, we agree terms.
3. Once received keys we get to work. Refurbing, improving and furnishing.
4. We source and fully reference tenants and they move in.
5. We pay you guaranteed payment every month.
6. We carry out regular inspections cover all reactive maintenance.
7. We return your house in perfect condition or extend the contract if all parties are happy.
8. Everyones a winner!

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Is this sub-letting?

    No, we do not have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy with the owner/landlord of the property. Instead, we have a Guaranteed Rent Agreement.

  • Which areas do you take properties on?

    Our main area is Southville/Bedminster, but we also take on properties in Knowle, St Pauls, Bishopston, Cotham, Redland, Clifton and the City Centre. We are expanding all the time, so if your area isn’t listed, please contact us to find out if we can help.

  • What type of properties do you deal with?

    All types - but normally houses or flats with a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms. It can have parking or not, have a big garden or not, it doesn't even have to be in good condition. If you are unsure, why not contact to find out if we can help.
  • Does the property need to be furnished?

    No, we take on fully furnished, part furnished and completely unfurnished properties.

  • How do I receive rent payments?

    We will set up a standing order for the term agreed.

  • What are your fees?

    Bespoke Living do not charge you any monthly commissions and there are no hidden charges further down the road.

  • I have a whole portfolio of properties; do you take on multiple houses from one person?

    We can take on all of your properties provided they meet our criteria.

  • How much wear and tear can I expect to see as it will be a shared household?

    In essence, we believe that there is less wear and tear as professional tenants spend most of their time either at work or out socializing! We have a regular cleaner who cleans all the communal areas and who is also ‘our eyes and ears’. This service is not provided if you go down the normal lettings route.

  • I have some friends who are also landlords, could you help them too?

    That’s great news, yes, we can. We also pay a referral fee of £200 for each property we take on.

  • Do you have your own tradesmen?

    We a team of fully qualified tradesmen that we use for maintenance and general repairs.

  • How can I be assured the property won't get damaged?

    We will carry out regular inspections, have rapid response to any wear and tear. We carry out thorough reference and credit checks prior to placing suitable tenants, and also use a bi-weekly cleaner that visits keep everything in tiptop condition.

  • Will I have to deal with the tenants?

    No, you will simply receive your rent every month. No phone calls, no problems, no headaches. The only time you would be involved is if there are structural/exterior work needed to the building.

  • What if one of the tenants doesn't pay or is late paying?

    That's our problem not yours. This very rarely happens in reality, but when it does, we cover the cost and you receive your full rent as promised.

  • What input will I have with the property once I sign a contract with you?

    Once we take over tenancy at the property, if you didn’t want to you wouldn’t have to set foot in the house again until the end of our contract. Of course if you wanted to do quarterly inspections that’s fine too. We will pay you the agreed rent each month via standing order, and we will give you updates on inspections and any maintenance required, including gas safety checks. We take all the hassle out of being a landlord, no tenant issues, no voids, no missing rents- just guaranteed rent and peace of mind.

  • What happens if I want to end my contract with you or vice versa?

    We understand circumstances change. Although we aim to complete all our agreements should you need to end it sooner than agreed we ask for you to give us a minimum of 6 months' notice and we would do the same for you. This is to give our tenants the time to find a new home.

You provide a house and forget about it

You sign a management contract with us for term agreed

We provide a light refurbishment

We find the perfect tenants

We Guarantee your rent every month over 2-5 years

We return your house in perfect condition or extend the contract